pexels-photo-106399.jpegProtect your Investment. Termites cause $5.0Bn in property damage annually to US buildings and are present in every state according to the National Pest Management Association. Since termite presence is typically viewed as household maintenance, related damage is often not covered by property insurance.

An annual inspection and monitoring by a termite professional is an inexpensive way to ensure that your home remains structurally sound. Periodic monitoring reduces the chances for new infestations and ensures that any signs are addressed proactively.

Affected areas are typically treated with liquid applications to remove active infestations, and monitoring and baiting stations are installed around the exterior perimeter of your home to identify signs of new termite activity

Ensure a smooth home-selling process. Proactive monitoring for termite infestations can help eliminate surprises during a move. A termite inspection is a standard feature of a home inspection report required by prospective homebuyers. According to a survey conducted by NAR, 15% of all closing delays were related to issues arising from home inspections. Potential issues are more acute within the northeastern US, given the age of the housing stock and potential for outdated construction practices. Pennsylvania’s housing stock is the third oldest in the nation (50) and exceeds 40 years in New Jersey and 30 in Delaware.

Today’s treatment program can ensure that your property remains free of termite damage and ensure a smooth home selling process.

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