Protect your brand, keep guests happy, and increase value by implementing Today’s Integrated Pest Management program.


Protect brand reputation; keep guests happy.   Positive guest experiences are critical to brand reputation. Over 95% of consumers rely on online reviews when booking hotels and room cleanliness is the single most important factor for guest satisfaction. More than 75% of guests surveyed cited room cleanliness as their primary reason for a positive hotel experience, 11% higher than the second factor—WiFi. Implementing an Integrated Pest Management program at your hotel can ensure guests remain satisfied, increasing RevPAR, by enjoying offered amenities.

Limit “offline” units. Pest infestations—such as bed bugs—require rooms to be taken out of service for treatment, limiting potential revenue and occupancy. Implementing a preventative pest program by Today’s can help limit infestations and ensure potential outbreaks are contained.

Increase Property Value. Implementing an Integrated Pest Management Program can reduce maintenance expenses, boost unit availability, and improve property cash flow which will support a higher valuation for your hotel.

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