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The outbreak of COVID-19 and accompanying social-distancing measures have had a significant impact on individuals, businesses and local communities. With everyone doing their part to slow the spread, state and local governments are preparing to ease social restrictions.

As you work to get back to business, let Today’s Pest Solutions help. Our disinfection services will help you keep places where people eat, shop, and work as clean as possible so that you can serve your customers safely.

Disinfection & Treatment Process

Our ReVitalizeToday services focus on the sanitization and disinfection of high touch surfaces and commonly-used areas. Our disinfectants are EPA-registered for use against a wide variety of pathogens and are included on the “List N” of products that meet EPA criteria against COVID-19.

Our service is performed by our trained technicians who apply misting applications to targeted surfaces. Once applied, the disinfectant will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces within approximately 20 minutes.

This treatment is ideal for a variety of businesses including offices, food services, retail stores, health clubs, medical facilities, emergency and transportation vehicles. Our service frequency will also be tailored to what suits your business needs best, whether its weekly monthly or after hours.

Let us ReVitalizeToday so you can work tomorrow

Let us help ensure the safety of your workplace and your customers. Contact us today to hear more about how Today’s can support your business.

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